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Why Work with a Life Coach?

Updated: Mar 27

Sometimes as women, we all need an outside perspective and a confidential ear. Whether you are contemplating changing careers, planning a move, trying to get in shape, want write a book, improve on a certain skillset or get in touch with the real you, a coach can help you get there. A life coach takes the time to get to know you through assessment based tools and one-on-one work together to help you achieve your goals. Coaches look at the bigger picture and can help you break down the steps to make your dream or goal a reality. A coaching relationship is like any other successful relationship. Both parties have to put in 100% to reap the benefits. By developing a coaching relationship built on trust, vulnerability, honesty and effort, you can see big changes in a short amount of time.


According to DICTIONARY.COM a life coach is a person who advises clients on how to solve their problems and reach their goals in life. Like other professional industries, coaching has all kinds of specialties and niches. Some coaches select corporate coaching, retirement or relationship coaching. But all coaching has the same end goal, to help clients live a more fulfilled life. Often times, finding the things that bring us fulfillment and happiness in life are right in front of us all along but due to social pressure, obligations, hurried schedules and other outside influences, what brings us JOY often gets buried, put on the back burner or snuffed out by stress. As women, we spend our time putting everyone else's needs, wants and desires ahead of our own.

WHO CAN BENEFIT FROM LIFE COACHING? Adolescents and adults alike can benefit from coaching. A high school student graduate working towards college or career goals, a female small business owner starting out on her entrepreneurial journey, a busy mom wanting to carve out time to de-stress, or a woman leading a team wanting to find work, life balance all can benefit from coaching. Think of coaching this way, having a professional and personal advocate in your corner keeping you accountable to help you craft more fulfillment and joy in different areas and seasons of your life. Your goals may change depending on circumstances you're going through, however, skills a good life coach should have include: listening, challenging your assumptions and helping you craft a plan to get where you want to be in life.


According to LEADERS.COM some of the top life coaching benefits include:

  • Identifying blind spots that prevent goal achievement

  • Increasing performance by learning to focus on work that achieves results

  • Developing leadership qualities that advance business or career goals

  • Experiencing a sense of balance between work and home

  • Finding more happiness, meaning, and purpose in life

A study further down in the article linked above regarding the benefits of life coaching cites Barbara L. Frederickson’s broaden-and-build theory. "In her research she found, 'Individuals who experienced more positive emotions than others, over time became more resilient to adversity, as indexed by increases in broad-minded coping. These enhanced coping skills, in turn, predicted increased positive emotions over time (Fredrickson & Joiner 2002). These findings suggest that positive emotions and broad-minded coping mutually build on one another.' She calls this process an “upward spiral” of positivity and positive outcomes."


With all the incredible benefits life coaching has to offer, I wanted to share an exciting business update with you. Moving forward, Nicole Zaagman Enterprises, LLC will be focused on offering life coaching services, photography and building Parkside Farm. I recently obtained my Life Coach certificate from IAP career college and to kick off my career as a Life Coach, I am offering a giveaway! Apply before April 1st for a chance to be one of 3 women selected to receive 2 complimentary 30 minute life coaching sessions with me! If you're looking to make a change in your life this year, such as a move, job, starting a business or would like to experience more joy in your life, feel free to apply and share. Use this link or click the image below to apply.


Nicole Zaagman lives in Byron Center, Michigan with her high-school sweetheart and her many farm critters. Nicole is an accomplished, Christian entrepreneur and children's author, passionate about helping women succeed in life and business through coaching. She travels the state of Michigan visiting senior centers, children's programs and special events with her pygmy goats through the Jump for JOY Program™ and operates Parkside Farm. Nicole is a passionate AgVocate for agriculture, agritourism and farm education and encourages families to engage and support local farms in their communities.




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