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Welcome to baby Samson's corner of the internet. Here you can find fun and educational pygmy goat merchandise.


Whether you're looking for baby Samson's storybook, plush characters or printable handouts you will find them here.  

Need bulk order pricing for school or youth clubs or order for local pickup? Email:

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All About Samson

Samson's storybook is the true story about a little pygmy goat who was born at Parkside Farm via emergency C-section surgery to momma Iris and papa Zorro. Touching the hearts of followers around the world before he was even born, Samson’s life is a story of strength, hope and a testament to the gift of faith in Jesus and the power of prayer. This storybook is dedicated to Dr. Salmon, the veterinarian who saved momma Iris and Samson’s life and also to veterinarians world wide who dedicate their careers to help animals.

Meet the Author

Nicole Zaagman lives in Michigan with her high-school sweetheart and four legged family members. Nicole helps others craft more joy in their lives through unique coaching, photography sessions and farm education. Connect with her at or

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