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How to Plan a Visit to Parkside Farm and FAQs

Would you like to visit Parkside Farm? Here’s all you need to know and more! For questions, please call: 616-201-0220 or email:

Plan a visit to Parkside Farm:

Step 1: Book an appointment. Parkside Farm is run and managed full time by Nicole Zaagman. As you can imagine running a business, let alone a whole farm is a time consuming, exhausting and more than a full time job. You can easily book your farm tour or agricultural class online or by calling: 616-201-0220.

Step 2: Come prepared. Please wear appropriate clothing per weather conditions and closed toed shoes. In the cooler spring and late fall months, Nicole recommends dressing in layers. In the summertime, short sleeves and long pants are ideal. Closed toed shoes can be tennis shoes or boots depending on preference. Parkside Farm offers a hot water hand washing station and hand sanitizer for sanitation and currently one portable (porta john) restroom.

Step 3: Enjoy your visit! Whether you come in spring, summer or fall, you’re sure to have a ball! One you arrive, your family or group will be directed where to park by the Farm Market. Once you unload, the fun begins! Depending on what type of appointment you have booked, Nicole will guide you through the next stage or step of your tour or class. Families and groups are encouraged to ask questions and take pictures meeting the animals. Nicole loves answering questions from all ages and encourages all who visit to connect and support their local farms.

Parkside Farm FAQs

  • Do you have public hours? Currently, Parkside Farm is by appointment only. Families and groups can book a farm tour or agricultural class Thursday - Saturday, 11am to 6pm and Sunday, 2pm to 6pm. If you have a group larger than 10 and you need an alternative week day or time, please call: 616-201-0220 to schedule.

  • Can I come to your farm for free? Though Nicole would love to be able to allow free visits at any time, that simply doesn’t pay the numerous bills and time it takes to run the farm, costs of insurance and the animal care expenses. Parkside Farm’s tours and agricultural classes are priced as affordably as possible. Nicole works 7 days a week and often 12+ hour days to care for everything that takes place at the farm. Parkside Farm is Nicole’s full time occupation and the cost for appointments is how she provides for her family, the farm and the animals. Nicole offers several free, open to the public events at the farm throughout the year. Events require an online RSVP. Check out Parkside Farm’s current event schedule.

  • Can I come see the animals? If you’d like to come see the animals and pygmy goats at Parkside Farm, please book an appointment for a farm tour or agricultural class. Please don’t show up to Parkside Farm without a confirmed, scheduled appointment.

  • How do I book an appointment? Families and groups can book a farm tour or agricultural class online Thursday - Saturday, 11am to 6pm and Sunday, 2pm to 6pm. If you would like to schedule by phone or have a group larger than 10 and you need an alternative week day or time, please call: 616-201-0220 to schedule.

  • How do I book a photography session at the farm? Very similarly to scheduling a farm tour or agricultural class appointment, you can book a photography session at the farm online or by calling: 616-201-0220.

  • How can I shop the Farm Market? To shop the Farm Market, book an in person shopping appointment or you can shop online and select when you’d like to pick up your order. All farm tours and agricultural classes included a curated shopping experience at the conclusion with Nicole prior to departure.

  • Where can I find the farm’s open to the public event schedule? You can find the farm’s public event schedule here.

  • How can I book a mobile Jump for JOY Program event with the pygmy goats? You can book a JOY Party or JOY Visit for your children's birthday party, corporate event, community festival, senior center and more at this link. Click the BOOK NOW button and fill out the form with your specific event details.

  • Is Parkside Farm handicap accessible? Nicole welcomes individuals of all abilities to the farm. Currently, the farm is not fully handicap accessible. Plans for a handicap portable (porta john) restroom are underway. Those with mobility challenges are invited to experience a condensed version of the farm in a level outdoor space at the farm. Animals will be brought to participants to engage with, learn about and enjoy. Please note if booking a standard farm tour or agricultural class, tours and classes include walking and covering a variety of different terrains and elevations.

  • How can I book an overnight farm stay at the farm? Have family coming in to town for a special celebration or local wedding? We can accommodate up to 10 guests at our over 100 year old farm house, right at the farm! You can book a farm stay on Airbnb for your accommodation needs. Please note, the farmhouse is two levels with a wooden staircase and is not handicap accessible.

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