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"My time with Nicole allowed me to identify my business strengths and expertise. I now have a clear plan to market myself as an expert in the wedding industry."

Want to publish a storybook?
Customer bookings lacking?
Ready to grow your business?

Experience more JOY and achieve your personal and business goals.

I work with and coach WOMEN who are:

  • Motivated, hard-working and self-starting doers

  • Interested in clarity, honesty, and accountability

  • Are ready to do what it takes to prioritize their goals

  • Determined to make a difference in their lives and others

  • Willing to put in effort to achieve their business dreams

  • Ready to experience more JOY in their day-to-day lives

Want to take the next step? Book a JOY Consult™ with me!

What life and business coaching isn't for:

  • Past trauma (coaching is not psychiatry)

  • Mental illness (coaching is not therapy)

  • Those unwilling to take steps to change

What coaching looks like:

  • 30 or 60 minute sessions, in person or virtually

  • 3 - 5 sessions are recommended per specific goal

  • Integrating pygmy goat animal activities by request



30 minute session - $60 (virtual only)
60 minute session - $100 

A package of 5 sessions purchased
in advance will be dis
counted $25.


Nicole and her pygmy goat Samson >>

Sometimes as women, we all need an outside perspective and a confidential ear. Whether you are contemplating writing a children's storybook or starting a business or desiring to get in touch with the real you after a season of change, a coach can help you get there. A life and business coach takes the time to get to know you through assessment based tools and one-on-one work together to help you achieve your goals. Coaches look at the bigger picture and can help you break down the steps to make your dream or goal a reality. A coaching relationship is like any other successful relationship. Both parties have to put in 100% to reap the benefits. By developing a coaching relationship built on trust, vulnerability, honesty and effort, you can see big changes in a short amount of time. 


According to DICTIONARY.COM a life coach is a person who advises clients on how to solve their problems and reach their goals in life. Like other professional industries, coaching has all kinds of specialties and niches. Some coaches select corporate coaching, retirement or relationship coaching. I found with my life and 9 years of small business experience, I love helping self-starting women discover how to craft more JOY in their lives and start their own businesses. Often times, pursing the things that bring us fulfillment and purpose get pushed to the wayside due to social pressure, obligations, hurried schedules and self doubt, our dreams often get buried and put on the back burner. We spend our time putting everyone else's needs, wants and desires ahead of our own. My job is to listen, ask the right questions and guide you to re-discovering what brings you JOY as a woman and help you create a step-by-step strategy to help you reach and achieve your personal or business goals.

For one-on-one coaching I offer life and business coaching services for women ages 18 to 65. A high school student graduate working towards college or career goals, a female small business owner dreaming to expand her business, a busy solopreneur wanting to publish her own children's book, can all benefit from coaching. Think of coaching this way, having an advocate in your corner keeping you accountable to help you craft more joy in different seasons of your life or business.

Animal Assisted Activities (AAA) are the use of animals for therapeutic and positive benefits in humans. Though goats are new to the AAA scene, goat owners and breeders alike can attest to the joyful qualities that goats possess. Universities have experimented with bringing goats to campuses to help relieve stress and boost moral during stressful finals and others have utilized goats for therapy services in various capacities. Scientists have also discovered that goats are drawn to humans with happy facial expressions and according to new research, goats are capable of emotional bonds and social components with pygmy goat mothers recognizing their babies cries even after a year later. 


Having over a decade of experience working with pygmy goats and seeing the benefits of well-being, joy and stress relief they have provided me over the years, I decided to incorporate my pygmy goats into my coaching model. Utilizing my 6 years of experience in animal therapy and art assisted activities in hospital, clinical and family oriented settings, I am happy to provide goat assisted activities in conjunction with coaching with in person sessions by request. Utilizing hands-on-learning experiences with animals use different parts of our brains to increase our levels of self-awareness, confidence and develop skills to help us socialize, problem solve, think critically and experience more joy. 


I've been a goal focused person my entire life. I've built, maintained and sold businesses. I thrive on crafting a plan and making it happen. I dream big but also am able to see the big picture and can break down bite-size steps to actually get there. I've been a featured coach on and West Michigan Woman along with being previously interviewed on numerous local news and national podcasts and radio interviews. I don't let "no's" stop me, I persevere through what's in front of me. I've planned and hosted in person conferences and retreats and workshop trainings by invitation for groups at organizations such as Davenport University, Spring Arbor University and Kent County MSU Extension Office. 

I've authored and published multiple books and previously been an Amazon bestselling author. I have over 15 years experience in advertising, marketing, publishing, photography, graphic and website design industries. I know the excitement of success and the isolation of chronic health conditions. I've accomplished and I've failed and through my faith in Jesus Christ, he's worked all things good and bad together for His glory. I am a firm believer in the Lord and the power of prayer and seek to choose JOY in the midst of uncertainty and challenges and I find my identity in Jesus Christ. I take a realistic and optimistic approach to goal setting and enjoy supporting and encouraging my clients to pursue the Lord's calling on their lives according to Ephesians 2:8-10.   


  • Life Coach Certificate - IAP Career College 2023

  • 1 year HS teaching experience with Foursquare Community

  • 9 years of marketing and coaching experience 2014 - present 

  • 4 years of event planning and public speaking experience 2015 - 2018

  • Hosted a weekly radio show interviewing entrepreneurs 2014 - 2015

  • 2 years of equine therapy (EAGALA model) work and volunteer experience 

  • 2 years of art activity volunteer experience with Artists Creating Together

  • Formerly certified dog-handler therapy team with West MI Therapy Dogs

  • 15 years of graphic and website design and creative consulting experience 

  • Former corporate positions: Gordon Food Service and MLive Media Group

  • Bachelor's of Arts Degree (graphic design) - Spring Arbor University 2009

  • Graphic Design Certificate - Kent Skills Career and Technical Center 2006

  • 10 years raising and showing livestock with 4-H locally and at the state level

  • Follower of Jesus Christ, using biblical principles and prayer if desired


Member of the Michigan Farm Bureau
Member of the American Goat Society
Member of the National Pygmy Goat Association 
Member of the International Organization of Professional Life Coaches

Member of the Michigan Agritourism Association

Coaching FAQs


Unwaveringly positive, Nicole never says no; she simply finds a way to make the impossible happen – and always with a smile. She is one of the most driven, committed, genuine people that I have had the pleasure to work alongside.


Learned to not dismiss/ignore when others recognize the talents we possess and to look for opportunities to give back.


My time with Nicole allowed me to identify my business strengths and expertise. I now have a clear plan to market myself as an expert in the wedding industry and the best way to market these aspects to other wedding and event vendors and couples alike.


Takeaway: being more intentional in regards to daily routine and address people personally first before diving into talking about business matters.


Nicole is creative, professional, and inspiring. My recommendation comes from having worked with her professionally. In that time I have been duly impressed with her dedication to her client, craft and commitment to excellence.


I learned to know in order to find fulfillment, I have to do what makes me happy and to do it. This is a workshop you should attend.


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