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Increase Event Success with Pygmy Goats

Updated: Mar 27

As we continue to live in a post-pandemic world, the opportunities for in-person events is on the rise. With spring's arrival and the excitement of summer activities on the horizon in West Michigan, brings the opportunity to host impactful events for your business, non-profit or organization. Creating an event that attracts not only your ideal audience and customers takes time, energy and planning. With the ease of setting up events with the click of a mouse these days, how do you make your event stand out from all the rest? What will convince your potential guests to attend? Offering a unique experience with pygmy goats at your upcoming fundraiser, festival or celebration is one way to put your best hoof forward!

“Put your best hoof forward" - Nicole Zaagman

Here are 4 ways utilizing Parkside Farm's pygmy goats can help increase your events success:

1. Let us help you market your event.

Every public and community event that books a Jump for JOY Program™ visit, Parkside Farm, will share your event on social media if desired, accessible by our followers, fans and viewers throughout the United States. We will also post a social media shout out a week prior to your scheduled event to promote and advertise your event, brand and organization. Our pygmy goats like to attract attention wherever they go and we like to hype them up when they're about to make a special appearance in West Michigan.

2. Increase your event attendance.

As mentioned above, our goats have a way of getting people invested and interested in opportunities to see them in person and for photo opportunities. We like to think of our pygmy goats as the four legged stars of your show! Getting the word out on your end ahead of time that you will have some special pygmy goat guests at your event is a sure way to pique potential attendees interest and get them to commit to RSVPing or purchasing a ticket in advance. We can even provide you photos for you to utilize in your marketing efforts.

3. Create a unique event experience.

Pygmy goats by their nature evoke JOY and happiness wherever they go and whoever they're with. They are friendly, social creatures that enjoy being pet, hugged and loved on. Have you ever been to an event that had pygmy goats? I am sure most readers would say, "no!" How incredible would it be to have your event be unique and one-of-a-kind to showcase a fun and family-friendly animal! All of our JOY Visits and JOY Parties can include coloring sheets, handouts and other fun pygmy goat merchandise with our custom event packages by request. Guests also have the opportunity to take photos with the pygmy goats using their cell phones and there's a high likelihood those photos will end up on social media sharing about their experience at your event!

4. Leave a lasting impression on guests.

As an event host or planner, you want your guests to walk away with a memorable experience. While food, music and entertainment is helpful, sometimes you need something special for people to leave feeling that "wow" factor. Parkside Farm representatives and the pygmy goats themselves wear professionally branded Jump for JOY Program™ attire. If your guests have questions about pygmy goats we will be sure to provide fun facts and educational answers. Your guests will go home with smiles, photos and a tangible hands-on-pygmy goat experience that they cannot wait to tell their friends and family about. You want your upcoming event to be the talk of the town and for guests to look forward to future events with anticipation.

Ready to spread JOY at your next event or have questions about a pygmy goat visit for your organization or event? Email or call/text 616-201-0220 to book.


Nicole Zaagman lives in Byron Center, Michigan with her high-school sweetheart and her many farm critters. Nicole is an accomplished, Christian entrepreneur and children's author, passionate about helping women succeed in life and business through coaching. She travels the state of Michigan visiting senior centers, children's programs and special events with her pygmy goats through the Jump for JOY Program™ and operates Parkside Farm. Nicole is a passionate AgVocate for agriculture, agritourism and farm education and encourages families to engage and support local farms in their communities.

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