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A Children's Book About a Baby Pygmy Goat Spreads Joy

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

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A Children's Book About a Baby Pygmy Goat Spreads Joy


Author, entrepreneur and animal lover, Nicole Zaagman re-started her pygmy goat herd (after a 12 year hiatus) in October 2021 bringing three registered pygmy goats all the way from California to Michigan. Located in Byron Center, Michigan their new home called Parkside Farm was founded with the mission of spreading joy with others. On October 28, 2022, Zaagman welcomed the birth of their first pygmy goat and successful breeding.

Written and photo-illustrated by Zaagman, Samson the Baby Pygmy Goat is the true story about a little pygmy goat who was born at Parkside Farm via emergency C-section surgery to momma Iris and papa Zorro. Touching the hearts of followers around the world before he was even born, Samson’s life is a story of strength, hope and a testament to the gift of faith in Jesus and the power of prayer. This storybook is dedicated to Dr. Salmon, the veterinarian who saved momma Iris and Samson’s life and to veterinarians around the world who dedicate their careers to help animals.

Follow Sampson’s adventures on Instagram @ParksideFarmMI

"If you’d like to get a copy Sampson the Baby Pygmy Goat for a special child in your life, contact author Nicole Zaagman. The book is a beautiful story with beautiful pictures. I was able to meet Sampson and his parents and author Nicole Zaagman. Wonderful book." - Laurie E.

Samson the Baby Pygmy Goat is a perfect gift for a child, animal or goat lover in your life. A professionally printed, 6 x 9, full color storybook available in softcover or hardcover options with important life lessons shared from the perspective of adorable pygmy goats, Samson, his parents and furry friends. Samson's cute expressions and joyful personality is sure to delight ages of all kinds and teach a thing or two about the unique and playful pygmy goat breed. To learn more about this children's storybook and purchase a book or official Samson the Pygmy Goat merchandise please visit

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