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The words I would use to describe my photography are: timeless, real and natural. Studying photography in college, I began using a black and white film camera and learned to develop my negatives with various solutions and experimentation in the dark room.

In 2012, my mother and I opened a photography studio in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan. We regularly photographed children, families, pets, professionals, high school seniors, commercial work, weddings and more.


Former members of Professional Photographers of West Michigan, we entered local print competitions, stayed up to date on continuing education and traveled the country for workshops and training. Today, I utilize my years of photography experience for my clients.

Service Menu

  • pet portraits . . . . . . . . . $195.00+

  • high school portraits . $250.00+

  • dress like a cowgirl . . . $250.00+

  • family portraits . . . . . . . $350.00+ 

  • event photography. . . .$375.00+



  1. I still get excited before every photoshoot.

  2. I notice the little details that others might not.

  3. I love using minimal posing to keep things natural.

  4. My first celeb job was capturing: Rachel Platten

  5. I've been shooting with Canon gear my whole career.

If you'd like more information on booking an on location photography session or event in Michigan or beyond, please book below or send me a message.