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The words I would use to describe my artwork are: realistic, classic and simplistic. Drawing was one of my favorite hobbies as a young girl. Studying drawing extensively in college, I learned how to hone and develop my skills as an artist. My favorite medium is pencil, but I've also worked with different materials such as oil painting, watercolor, pastels and chalks. 

Throughout my professional career, I've continued to utilize my God given creativity and talents as an artist in every position I've held. Whether working as a digital advertising and creative consultant, graphic and website designer, photographer and more, creativity has been the thread throughout the years. 

Service Menu

  • drawing packages . . . $200.00+

  • additional prints . . . . .  $35.00+
    Additional prints are ordered from a professional photo lab and will be shipped to client directly. Prints can be ordered in multiple sizes and finishes, such as custom framing, canvas prints and metal prints, etc. Print and product orders are subject to 6% Michigan Sales Tax and shipping & processing fee(s).


  1. I work off of photographs for most of my drawings.

  2. I convert photos to black and white to see in shades.

  3. I love seeing a drawing come to life over time.

  4. I work with professional grade drawing materials.

  5. Completed drawings are scanned at high resolution.

If you'd like to commission a custom drawing of your horse or family pet, please send me a message.